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Healing is a LifeLong Journey.

Along the path we encounter many teachers, and then we become the teachers for others.

Are you Ready to Embrace this Role?

The World needs your Voice, your Message, & your Story!

The Healing Journey starts with a single moment of clarity that something needs to change.

As we come together with aligned co-authors to authentically share messages of empowerment, transformation, and healing, you will contribute to raising the vibration of people and the planet. That’s right—your story will empower and inspire the lives of everyone who reads it AND it will help you make an impact while sharing your legacy.

YOU are already making a unique and meaningful contribution through your work, relationships, actions, and story. Why not exponentially multiply your reach by being part of a collaborative and aligned group of people who are doing it too?

Here’s WHY You must be a Bestselling Author NOW…

  • Gives you more exposure to a new audience
  • Provides a broad, new platform for you
  • Opens new doors to more clients and followers
  • Grants you immediate credibility and credentials
  • Causes people to listen closely to what you teach
  • Affords more and better speaking engagements
  • Positions YOU as an in-demand expert

WHY We’ve Created this Opportunity/Book:

We are here to create a movement for people to believe again. To believe in spirituality, in the ability to heal thyself. 

A movement to encourage people along the path to enlightenment, and what that actually means. 

We want to help people understand how to find the tools they need for the journey to awaken into their authentic nature. 

Living authentically allows us to develop meaningful connections with the people we care about the most. When we heal ourselves we give permission for those around us to do the same. 

We know that reading other’s stories inspires people to let go of the fear that is preventing them from stepping into their true authentic self. It lets people know that it’s ok to go deep within themselves, to grow and evolve, instead of living in a state of distraction that stunts growth and evolution.

The reward is worth the risk. The movement is growing and more people are lifting the blinders and answering the call to serve. It’s work and it’s not easy, but it can be done WITH ease when you have the tools and community to support you on your path to purpose, as you Awaken into your True Self. 

This is where our publisher’s experience and expertise come in.

We’ve chosen to partner with Powerful You! Publishing because…

They Create Bestsellers.
It’s what they do.
And they’ll do it for us.

They’ve successfully published 18 Amazon Bestselling anthologies
and ALL their books were #1 in Hot New Releases!

THEIR BOOKS RANKED HIGHER than some amazing leaders in personal development and spiritual growth, like Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, and more.

IMAGINE saying these words…
Yes, these will be your words on launch day.

They’ve helped more than 400 individuals become published authors, AND they’ve provided them with the exposure, credibility, and credential of being a Bestselling Author. They’ll do it for us too!

Share Your Inspiration in this New Book

The Great Awakening

Empowered Stories of Self Discovery that Inspire Hope and Courage

Now, more than ever, healers and feelers are answering the call to come forward and show up in a big way.

The path forward can be filled with fear of the unknown. The call to heal oneself, to show the way for others, requires fortitude and discipline, and at the same time, it is a call to soften and surrender to the flow.

As we embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery, we are met with challenges to let go of that which no longer serves us, as we integrate a new way of being, a new way of living.

When we answer the call to embrace our highest selves, and step into our soul’s calling, we awaken into our true purpose for this lifetime.

What has your journey been like?

Who have you encountered along the way? What have you struggled to let go of as you make room for a new way of life? What lies ahead of you?

Everyone has a story, are you ready to share yours?

When you share your story, you’ll not only inspire others,
you’ll also attract new clients and grow your business.

As a published author, your transformational story will change lives.

RIGHT NOW is the right time for YOU to share your story, message, and the shifts you made
so you can assist and reach even more people.

Book Launch ~ September 2024


Everyone has a story. In fact, most people have lived through incredible circumstances and have come out stronger and more devoted to life for it. The stories in this book are transformational accounts of moving through fear, stagnation, and “unconscious” or inauthentic living into the expanse, ease, freedom, and beauty of life.

Author stories will reflect individual journeys of transformation, the discovery of life purpose and passions, the release of long-held fears and limiting beliefs, and the growth into a more authentic, heart-centered, love-focused, and vibrant individual. These stories may speak of your healing journey as you have Awakened into your Authentic self, and allowing spirit to guide your life. All stories will show the astonishing strength, courage, heart, and soul that exists in each of us.

Do you realize how
inspiring, encouraging,
empowering, and motivational
your story will be for all who read it?

Now the only question is … Are you ready to get published?


  • Your personal story in a chapter of 3,000 words
  • Exposure with your interview in a Summit
  • Promotional materials including, ads, flyers, press releases, swipe copy
  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign & credentials
  • Team of collaborative co-authors
  • Expert Training including:  Public Speaking, Interview Skills, Social Media, Writing, Sacred Selling, Human Design Assessment, and “You’re an Author, Now What?”
  • Guidance and support through the entire publishing process
  • Design, editing, layout, professional registrations
  • Books and Bookmarks

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